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    Why a metal roof ?  
    Metal roofing is a much better investment overall. It is known for its extensive life cycle under minimum maintenance. Metal roofs, have historically survived extreme moods of mother nature (storms, hurricanes, heavy snow falls) when other materials have failed.  
    Is a metal roof noisy when it rains?  
    That generally is a little concern because of substructures and insulation (building elements like plywood decking, trusses, air spaces, and attic insulation practically eliminates the noise transmission).  
    How much maintenance does a metal roof require?  
    In essence, a properly installed metal roof is maintenance free over the roof 's life time.  
    What is the cost of a metal roof system compared to shingles.  
    The initial cost of the material is higher then asphalt shingle, depending on the type of material used, design, configuration and finish. However, the cost/benefit ratio over the life of the roof is superior to that of shingles.  
    Why zinc or copper?  
    Copper and zinc have for centuries been the material of choice to cover noble homes of kings, aristocrats and even homes of God (churches and cathedrals). Not only appearance, but also durability of these two metals have appealed to the architects and building owners. In Europe and around the world, many of the roofs installed 100, 200 and even 300 years ago are still in place.  
    When to choose zinc and when copper?  
    Building architecture, design and color are the main factors in selecting between zinc and copper.  
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