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Metal & Slate Roof Installation

Metal (prominently zinc & copper) and also slate roof installations is the core business of ZS Enterprises.


Each of our solutions have their own characteristics and receive a distinct approach, selection of materials, technologies and refinements.





Gutter SystemsBack to the top of this page

The gutter system protects the building from water and dirt gathered on the roof.


Our gutters are made of high quality material (such as zinc or copper), which guarantee their long life-span.





Custom Design & Metal ArtBack to the top of this page

Custom design and art work is a point of our affection. We believe that if you can imagine it, we can make it.


The custom designed and art products can be installed on gutters, dormers, roofs, walls, chimneys, fire places or just being used alone.





Wall CladdingBack to the top of this page

Beside a high level of protection, wall-cladding offers boundless architectural and esthetic advantages.


ZS focuses on specialized high quality and custom designed wall cladding applications.





FlashingBack to the top of this page

Only well designed and well crafted flashing protects the underlying structures from water and moist.


We will design and apply a sheet metal protection of just about all shapes and sizes.





Other Products Back to the top of this page

Many other standard and special designs, assemblies and constructions are in our portfolio of products and skills ...


Metal Finishing

Consulting & InspectionsBack to the top of this page

Please contact us if you are seeking consultation or advice on an existing or planned project. We will be happy to provide our expertise.


Inspection of existing installations is available from ZS Enterprises upon request. Please call for appointment.








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