ZS Enterprises delivers top quality, value and pride


With over 25 years of experience in architectural sheet metal, metal art, and custom design - in Europe and North America, the founder and president of ZS Enterprises Zdenek (Zed) Sychrava established the firm in 1996 with the goal of providing top quality, value and a sense of pride to the building/home owner and also to the architect and the builder. This goal remains the motivating force behind everything the company does.


By implementing these concepts, the firm has quickly earned prominence that grows stronger with every new finished project. The distinction in quality, craftsmanship and value has won the firm reputation that has spread between the architects, builders and building/home owners quickly. It has resulted in a range of interesting projects not only at home - in British Columbia (Canada) but also in the United States, especially in the Washington state, New Mexico, Texas, and other corners of North America.


ZS Enterprises is an "authorized RHEINZINK Installer" but it is only a part of the insurance of high quality. The professional distinction in the ZS Enterprise craftsmanship has been endorsed by Rheinzink (the worldwide zinc architecture authority) when they selected a range of projects completed by ZS Enterprises for demonstration and exhibition of zinc architecture in the area.

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